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The 10 Best Resources For Marketing

Have You Thought About Publishing Your E Book?

without an established audience that is loyal, an author will always find it difficult to be successful. The greatest challenge is to build on this audience that is always willing to support you and thus one should follow the following procedures.

A successful author should establish a way where he can directly contact his audience. Social media is a great tool to market on your work as so many people have embraced it. This kind of media involves almost 80% of the world population and thus your eBook is able to reach as many loyal fans as possible, some of the most used social media platforms include; Facebook, twitter, Tumbril, and your email bucket.

One can also connect to his audience easily by using a website that is well known and established or the use of your own blog, direct press release send to your list of loyal fans, RSS feeds, or even via your page as an author. This will positively increase your sales as a writer as you will be reaching to a bigger market and by using a proven technique to market your work will not only increase your list of loyal customers but will also increase your list of buying customers.

A recipe to succeed is by enticing your market with free articles, so that he can get a taste of your work. It is not always easy for an audience to purchase an eBook that they are not really familiar with, especially if they don’t have a history of the previous works of the author. Thus to get the love and support from readers you will have to show them some of your work for free, this will make the audience fall in love with your writings and would wish to receive more from you.

Having set goals will determine the future of a piece of writing. The author should know what audience to be sold and the amount of sales expected. Incase a work that was previously offered free to the market gains great popularity, then the writer should never consider selling it as this will portray a bad image.

Each and every work posted by an author should be his best as this will always build on your reputation. No one will ever wish to pay for something and regret it in the future, if you release a poorly done eBook it will haunt you for the rest of your writing career as an author and thus all your work should be done with perfection.

Marketing goes hand in hand with making great sales, and an author should never stop marketing on his work as this will negatively reduce on his sales and the number of loyal audience. Marketing is an ever process and the author is forced to embrace it if he is willing to make great sales.

Protected work has rights to the owner and can’t be stolen. Most of them end up losing the case, because they had not used the right ways to protect their work. Having DRM eBooks and complicated URL on your download page will help ensure your work is protected.

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