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Why to Always Wear Socks (Even to Bed)

Socks are one of the least talked about clothing accessories, but also one of the most important and comforting clothing items people own. There are many benefits received from wearing a good pair of socks, and that does not even include the additional style they can add to an outfit. Here are just three reasons why everyone should appreciate their socks more.

Protect the Skin

It is not only athletes that get the itchy, red foot fungus that carries their name. Socks can help everyone to avoid these types of problems by pulling perspiration away from the skin. Dry skin is less susceptible to foot bacteria, odor and fungus. Additionally, socks help to prevent chafing and blisters that occur when the skin is directly against a harder, moving surface.

Sleep Even Easier

Wear socks at bedtime to take away nighttime chills, but also to reduce the effects of menopause. Studies have shown that wearing socks at night allows the body to better regulate its temperature and reduce the number of hot flashes or night sweats some people experience. Better temperature regulation also reduces the risk of developing Raynaud’s disease. Sufferers of this condition experience severe reactions to the cold. The toes are one of the areas of the body most affected by Raynaud’s. the result of the condition circulation that is so poor it leads to permanent tissue damage.

Improve Blood Circulation

Better blood circulation is a direct benefit of socks when the wearer chooses compression socks. Good circulation keeps to the feet comfortable, lowers the risk of developing varicose veins and reduces fluid retention in the feet and legs. The risk of foot sores, particularly for diabetics, is reduced when compression footwear is worn.

Socks are not a difficult item to find and purchase. There are some incredibly stylish and affordable socks available today. Consumers that shop online have an advantage over other shoppers because they have so many options. Some web companies specialize in socks and carry a diverse inventory of therapeutic, athletic and fashion socks. The best retailers have enough options to meet the needs and the style preferences of every consumer.