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Short Course on Safety – What You Should Know

Motorcycle Accident Avoidance Strategies

The motorcyclists are 27 times more vulnerable to succumb to their injuries after colliding with a car.Bikes can be fun to travel with due to their high speed and ability to penetrate through the jam, but one needs to be cautious of accidents. This site will help you learn more about motorcycle accident avoidance approaches.

Put effort to help drivers in front see you. Approximately 95% of drivers involved in accidents argue that they had not seen the bikes. A reflector jacket is critical to motorcyclists as they increase the visibility of motorcyclists to the drivers ahead. When passing a vehicle, ensure you beep so the driver can see you and be cautious as he might be getting ready to overtake your car. You should also ensure that your bike indicators are working so the driver behind you can know you are planning to overtake or branch on the opposite direction.

Use freeways when possible. Car drivers on the surface streets tend to branch off suddenly. In addition, you are likely to bump on pedestrians. Nevertheless, You are safer on highways since car drivers can easily see you and let you more space.

Each time you find yourself stuck in traffic, make sure you follow the line of other cars. Refrain from squeezing through traffic so you can be at the lead point. You might be knocked down by a driver who is not aware of someone who is driving in the midst of cars in traffic. Moreover, stop on the right-side of a car so that the driver would be able to see in front you.

Refrain from installing loud exhausts on your car.In case they fail to upset the people behind you, they will prevent you from hearing bleep warnings from other drivers. Likewise, headsets are a big no to people who are driving motorcycles.You need your ears so you can hear cars approaching from behind. Your focus on the road should be on making yourself visible instead of being heard.

Never drink and drive. Your susceptibility to becoming involved in a motorcycle accident would rise by up to 40 times each time you drive under the influence.Alcohol slows down your memory and auditory processing capability. You are likely to veer off the road if you fail to collide head-on with stationary cars.

Be careful with drivers who are likely to infringe your right-of-way. Keep your eyes focused on a driver about to enter the road since the moment you turn your eyes to focus on the path down, that is when the driver decides to take the turn.

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