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The Importance Of Photography
Photography is the process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface
In this chapter we are going to analyze photography and what the world would be without photos boring most definitely
The benefit of photography is that every detail in the life of a person is able to captured from the moment you graduate, get married, have children all these are stages that need to be captured.
Another importance is that taking snaps may be able to enlarge your way of viewing things as you can be able to capture even the tiniest gesture or animal
Snap taking may relieve you from worry as once you take up your lenses and capture the natural scenery which is very therapeutic in creating a good mood.
Another justification is that photography is able to store the present and the ancient memories that may include the recent happenings such as that of a newborn from the moment the baby lands into the world to the milestones as they grow older there can be shown some of the snaps and relate to them
The highlight of taking pictures is that in today’s world photography is such a high paying job all you need is the right camera and the lenses and most importantly passion which is everything in this field so as to stand out from the rest and have something unique from the rest.
The creating of snaps may enable you have a different eye on things that would have been simply ignored. It may be able to boost confidence to you as once you take a nice image everyone would like you to be their photographer Photography is able to bring you closer to your natural spirituality you cannot help but wonder about how something’s that God created are beautiful and they are so natural and you cannot help but wonder
Photography affords mortality in that one can be able to actually feel the moment for instance if the person in the photo is smiling or if it was a sad moment the moment can be relieved by the person viewing the pictures and feel what is actually going on behind the scenes and relieve the moment
In conclusion of this discussion we have been able to see the advantages of photography with a clear vision and the proper camera in place one can be able to make the best out of it and create memories that would last forever and make lasting impression in peoples mind

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